Evert Hagen

My name is Evert Hagen (1967), born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since my childhood I was interested and fascinated in the world of garden design and landscaping and this has become a recurring theme in my life. In 1991 I finished my studies at the Agriculture and Horticulture.
In this period I have done at several renowned gardeners and garden designers and landscape architects study traineeships. After finishing my studies I took several specialist training and courses in the field of landscape architecture, culture, technology and management.

In 1991 (simultaneously with training and courses), I started my construction company in Garden Design, Gardening & Maintenance. In this period I have realized and designed many beautiful projects in cooperation with well-known Dutch landscape architects, architects and interior designers.

As of 2003, after many intense and busy years, I was ready for a new challenge and I decided to quit, partly due to the changing market in the field of sustainable development and innovation in the green sector in 2005.

Since 2005 to 2013 I went to work for the largest Dutch company and landscapers. In this period I have occupied myself especially with sustainable innovation in the green sector.

In 2001 I came into contact with sustainable development in the areas of water, green and energy. The subject fascinated me and I have studied it further.
As a result, I came into contact with BioNova. The product of BioNova intrigued me; purify pool water without the input of chlorine or chemicals. In addition to my active career, I have a seat in the technical committee for BioNova where I am primarily engaged in design, development, construction and realization.
I also studied the field of green roofs and vertical greenery, whether or not in combination with solar technology, and in the area of ​​water storage for reuse.

New challenge, Portugal!

Portugal is a beautiful country, it has a beautiful culture and beautiful, but also a tumultuous history.
Since 1986, Portugal is one of the EU Member States; thus they will also have to concentrate on the subject of ​​sustainability, given the stringent European legislation and regulations regarding the environment. I see this as a challenge and with my background, experience and expertise in the field of sustainability of water, green and energy, I like to seek cooperation, to create new opportunities, but especially to share knowledge with Portuguese entrepreneurs.
Eventualy It works out better for all us Humans and the Flora & Fauna "Environment".

"Let's make life better and healthier for us and our environment,
where sustainable solutions and luxury meet and unite."