Eco Filtration System

Technology + Mechanization = Crystal clear water. Coincidence? No!

Enjoy swimming and playing in crystal clear water, everybody wants that! Swimming and playing in a pool, where the water is filtered without the use of chlorine and chemicals, delicious. Just imagine: no longer use sand filters, chlorine and chemicals to filter your pool. Current technology has made this possible. Filtering pool water with green glass, or Active Filter Medium. It works twice as good as the best alternative glass product and 40% better than new high-quality sand.

Of course, the Active filter medium not alone makes the optimal filtering for the pool. By working with a fine filter, energy saving pump, filter house filled with Active Filter Media in conjunction with a backwash system, Amal Going UV-C pro and in the final stage of No-Phos, your pool water filtered and is as clean you, so to speak, can drink.

Because this system automatically cleans itself, by means of a backwash system that is connected to the filter housing, all the bacteria are automatically removed from the system. This means, that the bacteria cannot accumulate in the filter, the filtration system, circuits, and the pool walls.

The great advantages to filter your pool with this system are:
  • No more use of chlorine and chemicals
  • Healthy water
  • A healthy air layer above the water surface
  • Savings on chemicals
  • Savings on water
  • Savings on energy
  • Better for the environment
  • Very long lifetime
  • Safe
  • Automatic cleaning system

When we initially only look at what's in it for your health:
  • No more red eyes
  • No skin irritations
  • No more inhalation of chlorine and chemical vapours, which the air contains just above the surface of the pool. So better for asthmatic patients (according to research)
  • No rashes or eczema
  • No dehydration of the skin by chlorine
  • No green hair
  • No decoloured bathing suits

Above we talk only about Health and Humans, but it also has great advantages for the Environment (Flora & Fauna), Energy and Water.

Symbioses between technology & nature!


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