The advantages at a glance:

  • No use of chlorine or chemicals, which means savings
  • Savings on water (water does no longer needs to be refreshed only the evaporated water must be complemented, the backwash system is more efficient)
  • Saving on energy (by using low energy pumps up to 50%)
  • Low energy pumps can also function on solar-energy, in that case energy costs are nil
  • Savings on maintenance of the pool and filtration system
  • Chrystal clear water
  • Healthy water
  • Healthy are above the surface of the water (better for asthma patients, according to research)
  • No red eyes, no skin irritation, no rashes or eczema, no skin hydration by chlorine, no green hair or decoloured bikini
  • No bacteria
  • No local low Ph.
  • No bio-film
  • No Tri-chloramine
  • No negative impact on the environment (Flora & Fauna)
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Improvement of the quality of habitat
  • Safe
  • Has no impact on the Portuguese climate
  • Aesthetically responsible choice for Environment, Humans, Flora and Fauna

We also have considered the evaporation of the pool water. We can store collected and filtered rainwater in an underground tank. This water we use for a sustainably way to replenish your pool.


How to reach us

Please use the form below for your questions or remarks. We can help you better if you fill in all the details. For direct contact please use (+351) 915 268 510 or have a look here for more contact details.