Why Eco-filtration

Law and Regulations

In many European countries, governments are busy drafting new laws and regulations, which in the future, counteract or prevent the use of chlorine and chemicals to purify pools (sustainability policy).

This to counteract or prevent the waste of:

• Water (e.g. water for swimming pools)
• Energy (the pumps used for the filter systems)
• Nature (cleaning of the pool, replacing the pool water and discharging the polluted water)
• Our Health (we swim in water containing chlorine, chemicals or salt is)

and to protect the environment. To achieve this, we have to look for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Herein Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and England are progressive. It also means that it is regulated in a European Context (EURO COUNTRIES) of the Act and regulations. Portugal is one of the EU Member States and should also implement sustainable policy, as there is a shortage of water and the water price per cubic is high!

The European Commission has published in 2000 the "Water Framework Directive". This framework is designed to protect all waters within the EU and to improve its quality, so both the surface water, groundwater, transitional waters and coastal waters. The European Commission requires Member States to ensure that by 2015 all waters meet a quantity of so-called ecological quality, in good condition and in addition, by that time, the use of water must be sustainable.

End of 2012 the European Commission presented the Blueprint Water. The blueprint water introduces a comprehensive set of measures to implement the Water Framework Directive and for efficient and sustainable use of water.

Swimming is healthy!

This thesis applies if the bathing water and the air above the water surface are healthy for the swimmer. Research has shown that in a pool are found far more bacteria than previously thought. In particular in the filtration system, in the pipes and on the swimming pool walls, large biomass of bacteria develop which are resistant to chlorine. These bacteria can lead to disease germs and this must be avoided.

It is only partially true that by adding chlorine to the water bacteria are killed.

Individual bacteria contained in the water are indeed slain. Where the water is in contact with a surface, the bacteria quickly develop into a bio-film. The largest area that is in contact with the swimming water is the filter bed (in the current filtering systems in combination with chlorine or chemicals) of the sand/chlorine filtration and therefore exactly there always occur bio-film.

The slimy biofilm is resistant to chlorine. A bio-film has locally a very low pH (locally up to a value of pH 3 to 4), which develops Tri-chloramine (a process in which chlorine reacts with ammonia) and Tri-chloramine is not desirable in swimming water.

Increasingly, governments (including EU) ask the question, how bacteria and Tri-chloramine formation can be prevented.

By using an Eco-filtration system, combined with Active Filter Medium and No-Phos, you will achieve a healthy balance in the pool. This is now recognized as a perfect product and then swimming is actually very healthy!

Besides that this system ensures healthy swimming water, this system is an innovative sustainable product and very environmentally friendly, because we do not use chlorine and chemicals. Due to the unique automatic backwash system, water wastage is avoided. By using energy efficient pumps it also takes into account the energy consumption.


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