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Through usage of an Eco-filter system, in combination with Active Filter Medium and No-Phos, the pool will reach a healthy balance, and this system is now recognized as a perfect product. And then swimming is actually very healthy!


It's nice to have it in writing, but the question is how does such a system works, does it work well and is it also applicable to all pools! To give an answer to the last question straight away: yes! In terms of size, content or design, we can develop a customized solution for each pool and we can build it.



An example of the structure of an Eco filter system, starting from a basic principle:

  • Fine filter i.e. a gravity sieve filter, it filters the water to 200 or 300 microns
  • Energy low pump, to circulate the water (at least 50% less energy consumption).
  • Filter with Active Filter Medium (in stead of sand). In this process the het water is filtered upto 5 micron.
  • Back wash system, connected with the filter house. The back wash system cleans the filter with AFM fully automatically and the wastewater (biodegradable) is flushed out of the system.
  • Automatic UV-C sieve filter with an automatic flush system (self-cleaning). In this stage the water is filtered to 0 micron.
  • Dosatech in combination with a static mixer, which gives the NoPhos the correct dose between the pump and filter.



This example of the structure is based on a gravity filter system, but every situation is different. Size, volume, the use of people per day etc.; but the main principle stays the same. Furthermore, we can collect the flushed water by means of a drum filter. After filtering this water we can bring it back in the pool. So, no waste of water!

Summary filter elements

Here an example of the base set up of an Eco Filter system. The individual components form the unity for an unique filter method, without adding chlorine or chemicals. As indicated earlier, each situation is unique and must be dealt with differently in the choice of the various elements.



Gravity sieve filter,

the water flows over the top of the movable wall. This wall is attached to a float, so the height of this wall is controlled automatically. This level control ensures therefore that the amount of water pumped out comes back in in exactly the same amount.
The pump connection comes with a long suction pipe which draws the water from under the float to prevent air suction.
Filters the water to 200 microns.
Large waste outlet.




Blue Eco pumps

The most energy saving pump in the world!
Fully adjustable flow
Dry and wet set up
100% seawater resistant
External controller
Latest technique (true sine wave)
The pump of the future!


Blue Eco pumps are the most economical pumps of the world! The energy consumption is, compared with “standard” pumps, up to 80% less. Compared to Intelliflo pumps the Blue Eco is still 50% more economic!



Filter with ClearPro Technology

A patented technology, which achieves a very fine level of filtering. This is approximately four times better than in a conventional sand filter, about 10 microns to 40 microns. The innovation includes a patented component inside the filter: a porous tube, sufficiently permeable, where without pressure loss the water can pass through, but still able to form an effective barrier against the smallest particles, such as dust, algae and pollen.

Maintenance is simple and requires less maintenance than the cartridge or D.E. filters





Backwash system,

Ensures that the filter body is rinsed automatically and waste products from the filtration system are flushed.

Replaces the traditional six-way valve. Reduces the pressure drop significantly. Duration of Backwash and Cleaning is adjustable.
Easy maintenance
Controller with LCD Touch Screen





Tri-Matic automatic UV-C screen filter ,

is a new innovative tube filter with UV-C lamp and an automatic flushing system. Rinsing takes very little water.
Combined with low-pressure pump, low energy consumption.
Ensures fresh, clean and clear water.
Environment friendly.
This UV-C filter is one of the possibilities, but every situation is different. The choice of this technology is dependent on the characteristics of the swimming pool.





Dosage pump

A dosage pump is the ideal peristaltic pump for the dosage of liquid solution in the piping system of your pool. We use this dosage pump to add NoPhos

With a simple press of a button, we can adjust the dosage to create the perfect environment for your pool

Digital indication when the pump head should be replaced (after 6000 hours).
Compact design.
Easy maintenance.




Above you see the diagram of an example structure and the filter elements of an Eco-filter system. This is the mechanical part of the filter. Instead of sand, we filter the water with Active Filter medium and add NoPhos.

Active Filter Medium & NoPhos.

Active Filter Medium


Active Filter media is a relatively new filter medium consisting of finely ground green glass. The molecule structure of the glass crystals is edited in a way which give the glass granules other properties. Because of this "re-crystallization" the Active filter medium granules get a very high negative charge, which results in a strong attraction of positive charged particles (such as metal and manganese). Sand filters can remove suspended particles down to about 35 microns. Active filter medium is filtered as much as up to 5 microns. Although Active Filter Medium grains attract the dirt, they do not absorb the dirt (unlike sand filter), and during backwashing the collected dirt is also immediately released and discharged through the drainage system.


The benefits of Active Filter Media at a glance:

  • Improves the quality and clarity of the water
  • Removes smaller parts from the water than sand of similar quality
  • Surface area permanent negative charge removes small parts, organically modules en positive ions, such as iron and manganese.
  • Smooth micro-surface with permanent self- sterilizing catalytic and oxidation properties.
  • Less susceptible to contamination by fats, lipids and organic growth.
  • Causes less clogs or channel formation, compared with sand.
  • Easy backwash. Uses about 50% less water for cleaning.
  • Complies with the environmental laws.
  • Durable, rarely need to be replaced. In clean water application it will probably last longer than 15 years.
  • Active Filter Medium is chemical inert.
  • Does not contain loose silica and therefor safer as sand.


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Now the filter system is optimized, we continue to step two.

We inject NoPhos in het filter system; with this we take away the supply source "phosphates" of bacteria and algae.


NoPhos is simply, automatically injected with a dosage pump between the pump and filter housing with active filter medium, so that the correct dosage is applied.
NoPhos is a widely applicable product and is also completely harmless for the environment, in contrary, it promotes the environment, because the use of chemicals is nil.


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