Swimming in crystal clear water

naturally filtered without additions of chlorine, chemicals or salt!

Imagine … a beautiful day…you open your patio doors and you walk into your garden for a swim. Surrounded by pure nature. Find peace and relaxation in your own garden. During all seasons you can fully enjoy your swimming pond by the natural appearance and surrounding flora and fauna. Nature and luxury are united, swimming in crystal clear water without chemical cleaning. So, no skin allergies, no red eyes, no discoloured bathing suits or discoloured hair!

Perfect Swimming is exclusive partner of BioNova Portugal

Through years of experience in the field of swimming pool technology BioNova belongs to the swimming pond specialists worldwide. Evert Hagen (owner of Perfect Swimming) for many years seated in the technical committee of BioNova has been involved in design, development, engineering and construction.

BioNova group constructs swimming ponds and natural swimming pools since 1985, both for private or public sector, as hotels, wellness, campings and for the municipality or government.

Mother Nature is our teacher for the development of our natural swimming pools and swimming ponds. Therefor, we use the same principles and functions which nature uses to purify her water. Making use of these principles the water in our natural swimming pools and swimming ponds is purified 100% biological!

Special patented environmentally friendly technology is used to create these natural processes applicable our products.


How to reach us

Please use the form below for your questions or remarks. We can help you better if you fill in all the details. For direct contact please use (+351) 915 268 510 or have a look here for more contact details.