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Fitting solutions for every situation

Perfect Swimming is able to deliver and to build guaranteed high quality. Through years of experience in the field of natural pools / swimming ponds of the owner of Perfect Swimming, Evert Hagen and by the exclusive partnership with BioNova, Evert Hagen participates in the technical committee of BioNova and therefor involved in the latest developments. Perfect Swimming offers an appropriate solution and method of construction for everyone and for every desired situation:

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Because the development of a natural pool or swimming pond is made to measure, we first make an appointment with you for a personal interview. In this preliminary interview to us it is important to hear what your needs, ideas and visions are. Therein we can advise you and look at the possibilities.

We specifically consider the following:

  • Users & Target groups
  • Daily use (average number of people per day)
  • Habitat / environment
  • Area (urban area, land use plan, environmental or agricultural)
  • Climate
  • Design
  • Choice Construction method
  • Construction of a new natural pool or swimming pond
  • Alteration of existing pool to natural pool or swimming pond
  • Which requirements must be complied (safety requirements, environmental)


From all these data ultimately the construction method is chosen and advised, so it will fit your specific needs, taking into account the overall aspects and situation as described above.

In the next overview you find all of our Construction methods:

  • Standard Construction
  • Natural swimming pool & mini swimming pool
  • Eco-Construction
  • Vario Construction

  • Standard Construction

    The most applied construction for your garden

    This most applied swimming pond type also with one water basin. Besides the proven ground filter also an overflow channel is used, and in the circulation the water level in the pond is maintained at a stable level. The evaporation losses are compensated by the compensation reservoir, which at the same time acts as a fine filter shaft. This fine filter shaft, along with the special pond substrate is responsible for the exceptional water quality.


    Like in swimming pools, the surface water is drained through plastic skimmers.
    For the standard construction we have searched for a more efficient way of surface drainage.
    This resulted in a stainless steel overflow gutter to drain the surface. The advantage of this stainless steel overflow gutter is that they exist in different lengths and equipment variants. The water circulation is more efficient and we need weaker pumps. In case of plastic skimmer we need to suck the water, which consumes much energy. With a stainless steel overflow gutter this is not necessary.
    At the same time, the overflow area is larger, which, in turn, optimizes the water surface of dirt deduction.
    The strength of this construction system is in the energy saving and effective dirt deduction of the surface water.

    The water cycle of the system is carried out as follows:
    Overflow gutter> Organic Fine Filter> Pump> regeneration zone> swimming pond

    Natural Swimming Pool & Mini Swimmingpool

    Exclusive swimming pool with fully biologically, patented water treatment

    BioNova developed the natural pool. The swimming area and the regeneration zone are completely separate. The BioNova Pool is not purified by chemical but by biological means. This is entirely realized without chemicals, by means of a technical unit, placed under the ground and a planted ground filter as a regeneration zone. So you can swim in natural, clean water with a BioNova Pool. Existing swimming pools can be smoothly converted into a BioNova Pool.



    How this system works

    Water is discharged over a built up overflow gutter and runs because of the gravity into the external regeneration zone, from where the water is pumped back into the Natural Pool.

    The advantage of this system is the partition wall between the swimming area and the purification / cleaning surface. Due to the optimized hydraulic water management, is the purification zone (regeneration zone) smaller, it is even possible to place the zone underground.

    In the development of a natural swimming pool are all forms possible; a smart swimming pool with overflow channel, or an organic shaped pool. Even upgrading your existing swimming pool in your garden is possible, with the choice between off-site or underground regeneration zone.



    We can construct this system at the smallest spot in your garden to create so-called mini-pools. The design possibilities and facilities are endless. Also with these systems, we use energy efficient pumps.



    Suited for ecological and agricultural areas

    This involves a swimming pond in which the parts for swimming and water purification are constructed in one basin. The swimming pond is sealed and separated from the subsurface with special UV-resistant armoured pond liner (no black film) of at least 1.5 mm thick. Half of the swimming pool is available for swimming, while the other half of the swimming pool is decorated as regeneration zone (filtration substrates and flora).


    For cleaning the surface, skimmers are used which are independent of the water. The swimming pool water is disposed in the regeneration zone with the aid of a pump and via pressure pipes to a distribution system. The hydraulic system of this variant does not require a compensation reservoir. The filter serves at the same time as a distribution shaft and is buried in the bottom of the filter regeneration zone. By the complete natural purification is the intensity of use lower than with other types of swimming pools.

    The advantage of the Eco-construction is the low consumption of fresh water, due to the variable skimmers. Water level fluctuations are tolerated. On the other hand, the skimmer requires a stronger pump to operate the system properly. This is why we work in this system with two independent pumps: a weaker energy saving pump for filtration substrates and fauna, while a stronger pump (also an energy efficient pump) operates the skimmers.



    Vario construction

    Specially developed for the public sector

    The vario-construction, or the separate version is a type of swimming pond, which is purified by a separate regeneration pond. The swimming pool is equipped with an overflow channel and the circulation in the swimming pool is kept at a stable level. Due to the relocation of the regeneration zone, the water to be purified can be conducted more focused in the ground filter.

    This version makes the swimming zone as large as possible and is very economical in terms of water consumption. The water level in the regeneration zone can vary greatly; therefore, longer droughts can be endured, without the need to add fresh water. This construction method requires somewhat more space.

    This construction method is primarily developed for the public sector. The swimming area has no vegetation; this is planted in a separate regeneration zone elsewhere on the site. This regeneration zone should also function as an ornamental pond. The space required is relatively large, but the cleaning efficiency is optimal.

    Depending on the size, more than 3,000 visitors per day can swim in this kind of natural swimming pools and swimming ponds.




    How to reach us

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