Why choose a natural pool or swimming pond, over a conventional pool

  • The water is cleaned without the use of chlorine or chemicals
  • It is healthier for humans: no red eyes, no skin irritation, no longer inhalation of chlorine and chemical vapours in the air hanging low above the swimming area , so better for asthmatics (according to research) , no rash or eczema , no dehydration of the skin by chlorine , no green hair or discoloured swimwear
  • No negative impact on the environment (flora and fauna)
  • No water wastage. The pool water need not be changed; only the evaporated water must be supplemented
  • No energy waste and the use of energy efficient pumps save up to 50 % energy cost. The energy waste in combination with solar is nil
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increasing biodiversity
  • Improving quality habitat
  • Also suitable for ecological and agricultural areas, it can be build without structure in the ground and can function simultaneously as water buffer system
  • No loss of attractiveness
  • Many construction methods are possible to adapt to the daily amount of people and the target group
  • Architectural design: everything is possible, from modern to organic design
  • The conversion of an existing conventional pool to a natural purified pool or swimming pond is possible
  • Natural swimming pool or swimming pond can be integrated into the garden or landscape
  • No lost of luxury
  • In the winter time you can enjoy your pool or pond
  • Of course a natural pool or swimming pond requires maintenance and the associated costs, such as pump installation and measuring water quality analysis. The personnel and the cost of the landscaping will increase slightly, but if you compare it with the cost of a swimming pool cleaned by chlorine and chemicals, the general maintenance and operating costs are many times lower in a natural pool or swimming pond
  • Aesthetic, Environmental / Human / Flora & Fauna

Converting a traditional pool to a naturally filtered one is certainly possible!


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