The alternative for Water Park and Camping

Many water parks and campsites clean their pool water with chlorine and chemicals, but once the peak season (summer tourist season) is over, these chlorine-containing pools are emptied. Then they lie useless. Optically this is not a pretty picture, especially for the campsite guests in the post season, but also for the popular and growing market of winter campers. As an alternative for the conventional pool, a biological natural pool or swimming pond is an accepted concept.
However, the question is, does it even increase the attractiveness?



Unlike conventional pools, natural swimming pools and swimming ponds with biological cleaning are constructed artificial reservoirs, and each design can be realized. The swimming part is completely unplanted. The swimming water is continuously pumped through the filter section (regeneration zone). In here the main cleaning takes place. The filter section (regeneration zone) consists of a planted and a specially formulated (substrate) underground filter "Vario System - total regeneration balanced".



A natural pool or swimming pond with organic cleaning can be used for all water sports and play activities. Obviously all the extra amenities, as in "normal" swimming pools can also be installed. Even more than this, because in addition to slides in many variations, often jump rocks, jump towers, lianas, climbing walls, jet streams, massage showers, and a playground for the smallest are applied. Besides small caves for tranquillity, there are also many possibilities for a small (natural) campsite. An ecological, natural purified pool or pond, without a structure in the ground, is incorporated into the area.


To dimension the filter section the maximum number of visitors per day is well defined, based on previous attendance or a forecast when it concerns a new pool. Rush hour can so be exchanged with quieter times, such as night-time hours. Occasionally overruns may be admitted as long as the bacterial counts stay below the limited values.


Operating costs

In a conventional waterpark or swimming pool costs are made for the various technical devices, such as filters, pumps and dosing systems, the need of regular maintenance and the associated replacement for parts, maintenance services and personnel. The content of free and combined chlorine is determined twice a day with an analyse kit. The maintenance company does not measure the bacterial counts.


In case of a biological cleaned swimming pool or swimming pond a great amount of these costs are no longer necessary


You will save, among other things water, chlorine, and chemicals and engineering installation costs. When we use energy efficient pumps it also will save on electricity costs.


Naturally, our systems require maintenance with the corresponding costs, such as pumping station and a modest measurement analysis. The costs of personnel for cleaning and landscaping will probably increase slightly.


Health and Environment

No more red eyes, no longer inhalation of chlorine and chemical vapours from the water surface!

Because we do not use chemicals and chlorine to purify the swimming water, the biologically cleaned pool or swimming pond is healthier for bathing guests. No red eyes, no longer inhalation of chlorine and chemical vapours from the water surface, no skin irritation, no green hair or discoloured swimwear. Because we do not work with chemicals or chlorine, it is also better for the environment; and therefor no chemical waste products will end up in nature. Because we consider water as living, the pool does not have to be emptied, only in case of evaporation water must be added.



Artificial lakes and decorative ponds

Perfect Swimming does not only install natural pools and swimming ponds used for swimming, but also installs artificial lakes and decorative ponds. These can also be used for other water sports activities such as wakeboarding or water skiing The partner of Perfect Swimming, BioNova, in cooperation with the firm Rixen, has already constructed several artificial lakes with organic cleaning.


Clear, natural water has a magnetic effect on people. So we also realize decorative ponds for municipal parks, hotels or private gardens. They invite you to relax, recharge your battery or just to make you feel good!



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