What is a natural pool or swimming pond?

A natural swimming pool or swimming pond is based on a system, which consists of a constructed body of water, where an insulating membrane holds the water, and wherein no chemicals are used to disinfect or sterilize the water. In summary, the purification of the water is achieved through a biological filter and water plants.



The natural swimming pool or pond is divided into two areas:

  • A swimming zone, with the optical characteristics of a conventional pool.
  • A regeneration zone created by a lined overflow of the pool filled with specific filtration substrates and flora.

The swimming area must be physically separated. The regeneration zone can be placed beside or in a remote location, depending on the available space.


In a natural pool or swimming pond water flows by gravity from the pool in the distribution shafts. The water then passes through a biological fine filter / bioreactor before it is pumped into the regeneration zone. The metabolic processes in the substrate in which the plants are rooted biologically clean the water. Microorganisms and plants provide an effective, continuous cleaning.

Cleaning and water quality

A special skimmer or overflow channel removes material, such as leaves, pollen, dusts or suntan oil, which often occurs on the surface. These specially designed devices can optimize the water surface skimming and reduce silting. Downstream a bio reactive biological filter removes particles down to a size of 100 microns, but retains the particles useful for the natural balance. Our pumps, compared to the conventional swimming pool pumps, work hydraulic to optimize the water flow rates and volumes, which speeds up the cleaning process even further.



This mechanical process enhances the natural filtration and produces crystal clear, clean water that, in principle is suitable for drinking.

Environmental consideration

Een natuurlijk zwembad heeft geen chemicaliën nodig voor zuivering en filtratie.

In conventional pools, the water is filtered by means of a sand filter, and with additions of chlorine and chemicals. When cleaning conventional pools, contaminated wastes and polluted water is released and is discharged into the sewer or elsewhere. By evaporation these substances come into the atmosphere and through rainfall come back again. We also swim in water treated with chlorine and chemicals, and breathe the air from the surface of the pool.


In a natural pool or swimming pond we do not use chemicals to purify and filter the water. A natural pool or swimming pond cleans itself and in case of any needed maintenance, the released waste is natural and biodegradable. Thus no pollution of the environment, no wastewater is discharged into the sewer, we maintain the water and it is maintained as "living". There is also a significant reduction in energy consumption and because Perfect Swimming uses energy efficient pumps this is even less. Combined with solar technology nil. Because no use is made of chemicals, it is also healthier for you. No skin allergies, no red eyes, and no bath linen discoloured or discoloured hair!

Process & Construction

Individual solutions for all regions of the world

When planning and developing a new natural pool or swimming pond, we take into account regional climatic conditions. Whether we develop and build a natural pool or swimming pond in northern Germany, Australia, or North or South Portugal, we customize a natural pool or swimming pond to meet the requirements and fits into the surrounding environment. Of course, with a biological filter and with an appropriate range of plants from the region.




To realize a natural pool or swimming pond, there are many possibilities, from design to construction methods. You want a totally new concept, or you want your conventional pool converted into a natural pool or swimming pond? We can also ensure that your garden is connected so that integrates your natural pool or swimming pond in the garden and your environment seamlessly. "Natural Balance". Of course you can also choose your own architect to determine the design,; we "Perfect Swimming", in cooperation and consultation with you and your architect, provide the technical development and realization of your wishes.


Our natural swimming pools and swimming ponds are not constructed with black pool foil! So, you do not get the feeling of diving into a black hole. We build natural swimming pools and swimming ponds with the feeling you are swimming in a conventional pool, but then natural!


We can also build natural swimming pools and swimming ponds without a structure into the ground. So, in an environmentally responsible way, we achieve a natural pool or swimming pond, where we filter the water naturally. These systems are very suitable in ecological and agricultural areas. We usually connect to this a water buffer storage system so that rainwater is collected and used to replenish evaporated water.



Because it concerns custom made, listening carefully to the customer is essential. Together we will determine the atmosphere and realize your wishes. In this process, we will give you advice, vision and opportunities.

We also measure all the relevant matters in your garden, including altitude measurement and we look at the architecture of your home, its location and the surrounding area.
All the data, including your desires, shall be the starting point of the design.

We also discuss the budget available for the realization of the construction of the project and its design and development costs.
The introduction, advice and assessment interview is optional.

On the basis of the information obtained, we make an offer, in which the data are processed and the costs are included. By written agreement, we proceed to start the process.


From sketch design to final plan

At assignment we make a thoughtful sketch design in colour on basis of the information obtained, which is readable and assess by you. We will discuss the plan and explain it, and provide, as appropriate, of construction details. We also make an estimate of costs. Corrections are made.
At agreement, we propose the preliminary design and in consultation with you we will determine the choice of material.
If these choices are determined, we make the final design with the corresponding technical drawings, construction drawings, materialization plan and planting scheme.
Attached thereto we make a calculation, work description of the work (a support framework) and establish a corresponding quotation. We would also make a rough schedule of the implementation.
We will discuss with you the final design, the job description, calculation, rough planning and execution quote.
At agreement, we proceed to the construction of the project.


Realisation construction project

After agreement on the design and quotation, the project is carefully planned and prepared. You have a permanent contact from Perfect Swimming in the form of the project manager, which provides an efficient project execution and project administration, which informs you regularly of the progress and the process of construction until completion to final completion. A professional team will carry out the work.


After care

Perfect Swimming guarantees quality and at completion we make an appointment for in about three months to make sure everything is functioning properly. Of course, if you experience problems or have any questions, contact us. We can make an appointment and come to visit you to de-care. Perfect Swimming guarantees the quality of the plants supplied (loses warranty). In the first growing season after construction, we take a tour and check if the plants are in good order. We can also take care of the maintenance.



Care and Maintenance

Every natural pool or swimming pond is totally unique and has a different "break-in" period, in which the system finds its balance, but it is immediately ready to use for swimming. It usually takes between two and three years to a biological balance is established. Once a biological balance is reached, a natural pool or swimming pond requires considerably less maintenance than a conventional pool.

  • Spring: The plants should be pruned in the regeneration zone and the tendency to over-vegetation should be avoided
  • Summer: On windy, hot and dry days the water evaporates at a rate of 1 cm per day, it should be checked and should be refilled in time.
  • Fall: Remove dead leaves, this prevents microorganisms and nutrients for algae.
  • Winter: In areas where it freezes, ensure that the natural pool or swimming pond does not freeze over completely to prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide, this brings imbalance. Excessive snow can also damage the plants in the regeneration zone. In areas where this does not occur in the winter months there is no need for maintenance.


How to reach us

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